Monday, 6 July 2009


I am stealing some ideas from Jitterbug. I have been reading her Destination 1940 blog from the beginning. Her blog was the inspiration for me ordering some old vintage books. In fact, I ordered the cookbook she talks about as well, but I think the one I ordered is from 1947.

Inspired by her blog, this morning before I started work I decided to get my bedroom in some semblance of order. I cleared off the tops of the dressers and nightstands of all but the alarm clock and my jewelery boxes. We are bad and use under our bed for storage. Sam puts his winter sweaters and such as that in a huge rubbermaid under there. I, on the other hand, keep it as a book stash. It is really bad. There are piles and piles of books. For today, though, I took all of the magazines and books on the dressers and stuck them under there with the rest. Tomorrow, I may tackle the bookshelves in the office and straighten them up and put those stashed books where they belong. I should only keep one book out of place. I do have to say the bedroom looks so much nicer and inviting without random things strewn about. I tried to "air" the sheets, but when I came back in the room from starting a pot of coffee, Sam had already made the bed. So, I will not complain about that one. I am going to try and keep the bedroom nice before work/school everyday. Though, I am starting to dread August when I will be away 5 day classes and some night classes, and walking the five miles home each day. It will all be worth it though.

Since it's Monday and sunny, I followed an old tradition from back home. Wash day! I have been washing and hanging my clothes on the line when it's not raining. Then, I throw them in the drier for about ten minutes with a fabric softener to make them, well, soft! Back home traditionally, it would be red beans day too. However, I will not be making that as we have a fridge full of leftovers that I plan to make into something.

In this last month before mega-full-time classes, I am going to take advantage of working from home. I am going to try and tackle each room and make it straight and organized. I hope to keep it that way too. Though, I know my best laid plans will go ary when we begin renovation!

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v8grrl said...

i got up this morning and put my last load on the line...i use the laundry line all summer...then 5 minutes in the dryer for fluff.

beans and rice...yes...except bobby wont eat beans (freak)
so for us Mondays is pasta and veggie chopped meat :)