Monday, 13 July 2009

Channeling a little Clara

For some reason, I have been fixing my hair more in this fashion lately. I have been feeling a little Clara Bow. =) Scarves are fun! And I adore 20s makeup. Feeling a little flapper in me ;) Bathtub gin anyone?

I also began receiving the vintage house manuals that I ordered. I have just flipped through them, but I can already see some great tips. We have become so dependent on so many types of cleaners and products, but what we need is so few. Maybe I will wind up saving a little in the grocery department when all I really need is some baking soda, vinegar, peroxide, and a few other simple products.
The one I ordered still had it's dust jacket! It was in one of those clear covers that was like a library book. It's from 1945.

This one was from 1953. It is in super shape as well, and still had the library checkout ticket in it's pocket in the back. =)

I have a vintage cookbook arriving soon too. I cannot wait to peruse that!

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Amanda said...

Clara Bow is so inspirational. She was a true original. We could all channel a little Clara these days. :)