Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Itch to Stitch...and dance

So, I am thinking that when I get done with work and a few hours of assignments and reading, maybe I'll try to start this dress. I can just envision it in my head, and I want to wear it! Who needs sleep anyway, right?
I am thinking of using my black cotton (covered in sugar skulls and flowers) and making the bows solid black. Retro with a twist, ;)

The husband has said he would take dance lessons with me too, either ballroom or swing. Of course, that's if we ever find a smidget of time at the same time to do it!


Darla: Retro Ways said...

That pattern is adorable, I hope you do start sewing today cant wait to see the finished dress! ♥

v8grrl said...

Oh My God!!!
Bobby took dance lessons with me once and walked out on lesson 2.
he wouldn't change partners or let me change partners. He clopped around like Frankenstein with one short leg

Hopefully you will have better luck

Lizzy said...

Lovely dress!! I wanna one for me =)