Wednesday, 17 June 2009

dresses, made and inherited

First we have the whimsical little 60s sugar skull dress that I made. Sort of punk meets vintage, lol. The pattern was not too bad, just lots of gathering and darts, which you cannot see very well in the pictures. It was from Butterick 6582.

Next, this was my grandmother's dress from the 40s. My mom had kept it and gave it to me the last time I went home for a visit. I so regret not listening to my mom & aunt when they were going through her things. I should have taken it all. She had tons of dresses with shoes and handbags to match, stoles, gloves. At least I have one thing.


v8grrl said...

your sewing is looking great
I'm jealous

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Ohhh wow I love that blue dress too bad you didnt take it all! ♥