Saturday, 2 May 2009

random goings on

I just got done weed-eating and cutting my (wet) grass with my lawn mower, like that. ~points to pic~ We have an old school retro mower. I actually really like it. We've used it the past two years, and this is our third season using it. I also sprinkled some indigenous wild flower seeds in areas that hold the moisture a little better in this super dry climate. I figured we are supposed to get rain the next couple of days and maybe my $1 bag of seeds will take without trying, haha.

I am planning on going to go to JoAnn's to pick up some zippers and notions needed for a few of the outfits that I want to make. I will probably also peruse their sale fabrics and remnants for any good deals. At some point before next weekend, I have to hit the liquor store and restock our brew and wine supplies. It has been quite empty for a few weeks. I would like to have it filled up when S gets home next weekend.

Other than mountains of work, right now I am working on 6400 feet of existing street, canal, utility, sewer lift station, plan/profile sheets, I have taken on house projects. I recaulked the tub. I have also begun sanding my kitchen cabinet doors to prepare them for refinishing. That will take me forever with everything else going on, I'm sure.

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