Thursday, 23 April 2009

This Boddington's for Me

I cannot even begin to go through the hassles, sabotage at work. Suffice it to say a certain other drafter was caught hiding notes and files that I have been begging for for four days, not just for one job either. Now, I am four days behind on an at least 80 hour job that is due next Friday. Grrrrrr... Plus, he completely f-ed up a drawing, and I had to put three hours into correcting it. Hello?! This is why you were given drawing requirements from the client. Double grrrrr... I was told by the office management that the other two drafters have not been doing any of the work on the project board allowing it to pile up. The thought process is that eventually it will all get sent to me to do. Makes me sick since I am a contract worker and only get paid for the work that I actually do whereas they get paid to sit around for 8+ hours a day and do absolutely nothing. The bosses know about this as well. Oh how I cannot wait to get through school and hopefully get a new career going.

So, when I get a semi-handle on the recovered projects this evening, I plan to sit back, relax and drink a frosty beer or two.

On a side note, I have been walking/jogging everyday, pulling two dogs along the way (one 75lbs the other 45lbs). I have been doing a full body circuit (week 1) from Oxygen magazine too. I try to squeeze in a few more exercises each day on top of that.

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