Friday, 10 April 2009

stuff, stuff, stuff

S is leaving for work training next weekend. He'll be gone for three weeks, coming back home the week before my birthday. We are debating taking a long weekend trip for my birthday, maybe San Francisco. We have accumulated enough airline points and hotel points from all of his work travel to do both for free. We tossed around the idea of Canada. I am missing water though, and I want to wear a bikini on a beach or by a pool. Scary, isn't it?

On a side note, met with the head of RT department. As long as I am in good standing in July, I just show up the first day of orientation in August for the respiratory program. Barring stupid luck, I should be in the program. YaaY

Doing Casino Night fundraiser for Rocky Mountain Rollergirls tonight. "Ace of Spades" duet with Anabella, only we could rock the Motorhead, haha. We do solo acts as well. There will be a fashion show, gambling with funny money and all sorts of entertainment. It should be a fun, relaxing time.

We have a mouse, eek! The house is in chaos as we try to track the little varmont down and extricate him. Thankfully, the dogs have kept him quarantined to just the bottom floor. It is quite possible that it has left the premises since we saw him last, as our little box traps are still empty and the snacks have not been touched.

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