Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Women's Right to Vote, the Beginning of the End for America?

This comment made me want to vomit and slap him and his wife, of course that's just the little ol' emotional girl in me.

My wife agrees with this. She suggested it to me 20 years ago. She said most young women will vote for a husband and/or father to provide for them.That way eventually brings Stalin or at least Mussolini. Women will never be the rulers, except for individual electees, but they will select the rulers by their own lights because they always will be the majority, at least unless we institute a One-Child policy. Then, after a couple of generations, men will rule again because women as a group will always prefer sons to daughters- to protect and provide for them, of course.

The future of the world is probably with India and China, or with Islam. In China and India girl children in great numbers do not succeed in getting born. In Islamistan females are held to the status of cattle and goats and will never rule. And the wealthier men have multiple wives so that many men stay womanless and aggressive. These are masculine cultures whose focus must remain outward to conquest in order to keep the restless womanless men from storming the Capital. The West is all feminine cultures, ruled by women and are inwardly directed and must eventually succumb.

Making nice with the meanies on the block only gets your kid beat up.

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