Wednesday, 25 March 2009

School 3

Some very encouraging stuff! I have spoken with the head of the RT department. She is so encouraging and helpful. It seems that I can get on the provisional list for this fall's entrance into the Respiratory Program. The provision being that I pass the Medical Terminology course this summer. She seemed to believe that I will have no problem passing from reviewing all of my previous transcripts and descriptions of those classes. Cool. She was very happy to learn of my volunteer work and shadowing experience as well. There are a few more formalities : an interview with the community college where electives and the medical terminology class are to be taken and an interview with her. We are hoping to get those completed within the next two weeks since they are closed for spring break next week. So, if all goes according to plan, and I do not screw up this summer class, it would seem that I may be beginning the actual respiratory program in August. Fingers crossed one more time because they only have entrance into the program once a year, every August.

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