Friday, 6 March 2009

More embroidery

If you have a chance, check out Sublime Stitching. They have cute, simple, transferable patterns and super cheap textiles! Fun!

I have really been having the itch for crafting. I did begin another voodoo doll, the one I have promised a friend's daughter for almost a year now. I procrastinate, yes? I am determined to finish embroidering the sugar skull on my Crafty Chica tote bag too. If you have a chance, check out that website as well. Amazing ideas and they are not just of the needle art variety either. A good portion of her products are available at Michaels.

Dang it, if I do not have a greater urge to have a crafting night now. Oooh, it could even be arts & crafts, painting, stitching, knitting, sketching, whatever! Just to have my cool chicks around to chat with and have some fun. =D

I have been making the time to read at night. YaaY! Maybe I will make a small pinhole in the piles of books that I have not read yet.

I have been slowing down in the burlesque arena. Taking on fewer shows is a relaxing thing. I think I enjoy the hobby more doing fewer shows a month. I get to enjoy the process. I feel the need to get a huge box and pack away a ton. In the same breath, I am making more costumes. Silly. I think my problem is that I just want to see that extra room and my office less cluttered, haha.


v8_grrl said...

i have an idea!!!
invite us over and we can it during the day even !

we would drive out there to see you

Lapetitemort said...

I'd even meet half way if you knew of a place that we could do that at! (bar, coffee shop, cafe, whatever)

v8_grrl said...


think about it...we were talking about doing something soon