Sunday, 29 March 2009

Holy McGorgeThySelf

Yes, this past week has been bad, bad, bad. Gorging is not even able to cover it,let's not even take into account cocktails. Too many social get togethers in the evenings. I did finish dehydrating the lemon cookies and I had one. Delicious. The batter was scrummy too. I have them on the side for beginning day of good eating tomorrow.

I am planning on lots of green smoothies, salads, guac, and some soups (raw & cooked). Time for some detox of sugar overload and fried, carb and fatty goodness.

Maybe I will take a walk to the grocer for some more fruit and veg. Although, that will all depend on the psycho weather. Today was absolutely gorgeous, but I believe there is snow predicted for tomorrow and for a few more days this week. I mean one day near 70, the next a foot of snow when will it decide that spring is here? Blah.

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