Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hodge podge of existence.

Still getting things squared away for summer semester. The nice lady who is the head of the RT department has mailed me out some more information and would like me to call her when I receive it so that we can discuss the program more. This makes me happy. I wish that there were some way I could take that one class now. This is what happens when I procrastinate. I could have taken the one class this spring and had it over and done with.

S got me a new itty-bitty laptop for our anniversary. Number five is tomorrow. Wow. My old one died last year. He thought it would come in handy if and when I get to start back at school. He is super sweet.

Having some silliness and slight annoyance with work, well with a client. At least on the conference call today, one admitted, "Oh I'm sorry if you left a message yesterday. You see, I erased it half way through and did not listen to it." What? Okie-dokie. Then she admitted that she had not even looked at the drawings that I emailed over. At least, I am not the one now looking dorky. Haha. All the phone calls began over my "errors." It seems someone else is slacking a wee bit.

I also am thinking of stopping burlesque all together. I have lost my lust for it. The clutter of it all is suffocating me too. I have been cutting back more and more. I only have one more show this month, and I have agreed to do a freebie next month to support the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Casino night. Maybe a break will get me inspired again. Or perhaps, packing it all away will make me feel even lighter.

On a side note, I have put on four pounds. Binge beer nights the past two weeks are partly the culprit. The other is me. I have been a big pudding, figuratively and literally. Lazy bum.

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