Monday, 23 March 2009


In an attempt to begin de-cluttering, I am boxing up burlesque stuffs. I have so far filled a huge 3'x2 1/2'x2' box. There is at least a dent, but I already feel lighter. I believe one more large box should fit the rest of the costuming and props. I plan on doing a tiny bit of sifting each day. I am going through all of my clothes as well. I am not going to keep anything "because I may be able to turn it into something for a costume." It has become all consuming and a sea of "stuff" is taking over. Paralyzed Vets or some such charity will be getting a call shortly. I have had boxes and bags in the garage for months now. As soon as I am through tornadoing through the house, all will be gone. Believe it or not, I used to be a minimalist. One chair, small tv from the early 80s (no remote), two bookshelves, a bed, a radio, essential kitchen and bath items, a sewing machine with one box of sewing supplies, a wardrobe that easily fit into a 3' wide space, those were my belongings. I cannot believe that I have hoarded and collected so much. I really truly feel stifled and suffocated by it all. Must purge. Must purge.

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