Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Learning hard lessons and hiking

More overly, broken trust from people you have trusted and confided in for years.
Has this happened to you?
I'm having a hard time, feeling, accepting, and letting it go and pass.
In "The Art of Happiness", the Dhali Lama says we feel anger and betrayal because we take things too personally instead of anyalyzing all sides and aspects, even presumed aspects and thinking rationally about it.
Believe me, I am trying to do that, but I still hold resentment.
And I admit, I take everything personally.

But it's been happening more frequently.
Lessons learned.
Perhaps it's because I just shouldn't have a vent session, and just maybe it's teaching me to keep my yap shut all of the time.
That's what journals are for, right?

See, I like my blog.
No one really reads it, which means I don't get comments.
This is why I post so much random rambling.

Now, for some fun stuff.
On outings, we've been passing lots of the Fourteeners.
I admit, they've caught my attention.
A teeny part of me keeps asking, "Why not?"
The larger part of me answers.
"Because you get winded climbing up the hill the three blocks to get your mail."
"Because when you have tried minor mountain hikes, you slip, fall, and gasp for air like you just ran an eight minute mile."
However, it hasn't stopped me from doing a few internet searches about the different ones around Colorado. IF I were to attempt one, I have not doubt it would be next year.
Even then, I doubt it.
Maybe I could just find some nice easy hikes for the old lady who kind of wants to give it a go.
Gosh knows, there's allegedly enough of them around.

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