Friday, 21 July 2017

And there it is...

We can now laugh at that.

I mean, in all honesty, it turned out better than it could.
What you ask?
Well, let me fill you in on my morning. 

I was going about my usual routine.
Coffee morning ritual with my pup.
You know, coffee on one side.
 This on the other, right in my face.
Then, got ready to go to the gym.
I walk out my front door, and a guy is in my yard - from across the street.
He's picking up all sorts of stuff.
I thought, "Oh great, a bear got into someone's garbage."
Nope, not that lucky.
He begins to tell me to check my vehicles.
Seems people decided to hit our tiny, rural, street last night.
If your car was unlocked, which uh, no one locks there car here, they hit it.
So, yeah, they went through mine, opened everything, scattered all of my gym stuff, but took nothing.
I mean, all that loose change was still just sitting in the cup holder.
Checked the other vehicle which was locked, but had all of our camping stuff still just sitting outside of it, along with tools just sitting on the side of our other old work truck.

So, he brought me some of the stuff that was in my yard to make sure none of it was mine.
So, we're talking, and I begin to go to the neighbor's to bring her stuff to her. 
Horrible way to start neighbors mornings.
And thus began my walk down the street.
If someone was coming outside, I told them to check their cars, and so it went.
Then, I saw random cars with the doors open and stuff next to them.
Then, I would go knock and fill them in on what had happened.
We all talked because many of them have lived here over 40 years and have never experienced anything like this happening.
We think it was kids.
I mean, there were Vans sneaker prints by every vehicle.
Our yards and roads are decomposed granite, what we like to call 'cat litter' dirt.

Then, I came home to call the cops to make them aware.
They told me they had received several reports, and some people had had stuff stolen.

I guess I made out okay.
Nothing stolen.
Nothing really damaged.
Met more of my neighbors.
Just sad, and a little mad, that I feel slightly less safe now in our secluded paradise.

Then, this popped up, and I think the universe is talking to me again.

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