Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A Gym Buddy Challenge & a New Snack I Die For

Today one of the guys at my gym and I were discussing the studies that show jumping actually helps joints, especially in those of us in the *cough* over 40 bracket, after he saw my miserable attempts at jumping rope. I can maybe do 30 seconds without stopping or getting tangled up, lol.
He issued me a challenge to work up to 10 minutes of nonstop jumping. 
Challenge Accepted D!

I am also working on box jumps, starting on the bitty box.

2017 also the year of conquering exercises I despise!

Also, I have been playing with foods.
We had a bunch of pears, so I looked up different things to so with them.
I made up this graphic for the recipe that I've been loving at the moment.

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