Thursday, 25 May 2017

Body Paint, Buff Guys, and Books

I have been MIA. Sorry!! I have been prepping for this!
This weekend I attended my first book signing event:
Naturally Naughty In NOLA.
I have to tell you that it was the best time ever!
My only regret is not getting to meet all of the other authors or partake of the before and after parties.
Next time, I will not tell family I am there, hahaha!
I was unable to interact much at set up because this was happening!
That's right! I got body painted from the waist up body the reknown Angela Rene Roberts from Season One of Skin Wars!
I showed up like this:
and was transformed. I did the whole four hour event topless...
Hey, you know me.

Angela's husband, Cully Firmin, was the male model. He was a brave soul and went bare ass, and front too! Here we are toward the end of the signing.
I met so many wonderful people, authors, bloggers, readers, male cover models!
Check out
Alfie Gordillo
and Dusty Griffin
Two of the sweetest hunks of men you will ever get the pleasure of meeting!

This is my newest companion, Slick the Fox.
He has been bombing my Instagram with his cute self, and even attended the event with me.
He stayed and watched my table all day. 
Be prepared to see Slick and my adventures

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wednesday Roundup

Mornings have been looking like this lately.
Meditation. Coffee. Inspirational Reading. Catching up on notifications & messages.
Cuddles from my heart.
As I told two friends this week, I am pu$$y deep in self-help reading.
I will have some new ones to share with you soon.
I did find this great free app on my android phone. 
I have been using it consistently for almost 30 days.
It is wonderful!!
You can choose from almost 5000 guided meditations, anywhere from one minute to hours.
There are many different categories to explore.
There's also just a timer that you can set with sounds, music, etc.
I am in love with it and have been beginning each morning with a guided meditation or two.

I did some progress pics on Friday.
I was curious how I was looking from the back.
Not the butt this time.
At least you can see a little something brewing!
I know I still have fluff, but it's something!
Well, I should not be left alone with scissors and clippers.
Today at the gym, it got tucked behind my ear for super pixie look.
Eh, it's just hair!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Shameless Self-Promo

(¸.•´ (¸.• LIVE!!! *** LIVE!!! •´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ***. LIVE!!!•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

Illusions – Perchance to Dream Book Two - The Conclusion By Jen Lassalle Edwards
Amazon US:
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The Surrender of Luella – Perchance to Dream Book One 99c
“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” -Albert Einstein
The truth can shatter our illusions, but what is truth? Often times, one person’s truth is another person’s lie.
Luella Parker doesn’t know what is real anymore after Fletcher Stevens betrays her trust, and crushes her heart. Arthur Ross is there to help her pick up the pieces, teaching her that each person’s reality is their own, and theirs alone to create. With his help, Luella pursues a dream that can become a concrete actuality – that has nothing to do with her heart.
Luella learns to look at her perception of life in a new way, living in the present moment, and she comes to see that there is more to truths than meets the eye.
The Surrender of Luella – Perchance to Dream Book One 99c

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Quick, Easy, Healthy Shrimp Rice Stir Fry.

This is super simple, especially if you prep a big batch of rice for the week.
I always have sweet peppers and jalapeno peppers around too.
You can also prepare this the night before and bring for a packed lunch to heat up.
I did that for hubs too.

What you will need:

4 oz shrimp - I buy them frozen, peeled and deveined. Hey, land locked state.
Sweet peppers - I used 4
Jalapeno peppers - I used 1/2 of one
Zucchini - I used maybe a 1/3 cup sliced thin
1/2 cup +/- of chopped broccoli 
2 small cloves of garlic
1 1/2 teaspoons of coconut oil
1/2 cup brown rice
1/4 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice (optional)

I sauteed my veggies first until softer, but not mush.
Then I added the shrimp.
When the shrimp were close, I added my 1/2 cup of rice and the Chinese Five Spice, and tossed it about the pan.

Take off and enjoy!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Reading, Writing, Thoughts, and A$$ update! (and Pic)

I know. I know.
I've been a little M.I.A.
That's because I have a new book releasing next week, but on to other stuff.
I have been on the self-love, happiness train!
I have been voraciously reading, and listening.
Gotta love audiobooks for the treadmill!
Here are my two most recent.
I listened to this one.
It was not as fast-paced or lively as You Are A Badass, however, the stories were poignant.
I found myself having to hold back tears in the middle of the gym.
Listening to all of these stories, especially the people who faced such diversity, yet went on to do monumental things with their life, stirred me.
I have learned that I want to say, "Yes," more.
I want to help others more.
I want to inspire.
I want to entertain.
I want to make my big dreams come true.
I want to provide Happy Acts towards others.
So, with just those few ideas that I've mentioned, it's definitely worth a listen.

I am almost finished with this one.
Gala is a new super hero of mine!
She is funny, deep, totally out there, and speaks to me.
She looks at how we should take responsibility for our thoughts, choices, people in our life, where we are now. If we are not happy in situations, it's our own responsibility to make choices to change that, otherwise, you're just going to mire in your own miserable head, and life.
I sped through this book. It's easy to read and understand.
She sprinkles her own journey, including the stuff most of us are afraid to admit.
But setting the truth out there is freedom, isn't it?

I'm coming closer and closer to setting myself free, so hang in there with me on this journey.
Speaking of, I have this weird distortion of myself in the mirror, which is why I take so many selfies.
You guys should see what doesn't make it here or on Instagram!
(Just a note: Gala has a theory on taking selfies until you love whatever part of your body that you hate.)
Somehow, it makes me see clearly what I have going on.
We know I have my journey for my bubble butt.
It's not there yet, but I took this pic. For me, I see some progress. Granted, I still have cellulite, but hey, it's not anything I haven't gotten rid of before.
and I am finally seeing a bit of curve from my flatness!

So, not that I have horrified you, on to a bit of other news.
More recipes to come.
I have been enjoying so much in the realm of real food.
I have been keeping it pretty simple, which is probably why I have posted many photos of food!

I began a group on Facebook. It is a combo Street Team, Reader's Group, Source of Inspiration and Support of Finding Happiness and Positive Vibes. 
Oh and there is silliness and some sexy stuff too.
Yes, I have the conclusion to The Surrender of Luella : Perchance to Dream Book One releasing next week. 

I find that I have been imparting more life messages into my erotica. So far, I am pleased with the feedback from the people that received an ARC. They said it made them think, reevaluate how they perceive situations, and even cry.
No matter what happens after the release, how can I feel bad with feedback like that?

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Giving Back - I would like to play a part

I would like your input. I am thinking of trying something - giving back if you will. I have received quite a few messages from women who have read Ripped & Twisted over the past few years, telling me how they related so much to Faith's situation with domestic violence that she escaped from. It got me thinking, and I will pick a month, maybe next month or June (probably June because May is pretty slammed & it will give me more time to plan promotion.) During that month, half of the proceeds from sales of Ripped & Twisted will go to a charity/nonprofit for those who are victims of domestic violence. I have been reviewing many, but it's overwhelming. If you have any recommendations of groups that are stellar in helping victims, please list them below. Please list them below. If you see one that you are for, like the comment, just to keep it from being too repetitive. Afterwards, I will create a poll to vote for the top groups. Then, I will plan the month and we can promote it. Does that sound good?
Also if you would like to comment on the post on my Facebook page, click this LINK.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Opening myself to new things.

I'm trying something that I never thought I would get into.
Wait, not true.
I had (still have) a friend in grammar school. He introduced me to all sorts of ideas. He was always progressive. He studied Buddhism, many Eastern religions and philosophers, meditation, liked Neil Young. Now, mind you, this was like in 7th & 8th grade at a Catholic school too!
He tried to get me into mediation back then.
I gave it a half-assed attempt, but what did I know as a kid in the 80's.
I'm admitting that I am now giving it a try once again, and I'm happy to say that I don't hate it.
By the way, he married one of my best childhood friends. They dated in high school, and now she (they) have an organic farm that is successful in Texas.

During this first quarter of the year of The Happiness Project and embracing Positive Vibes, I am learning that I like the hippie-dippie part of me!
I am reading so many good books, and listening on audiobooks too.
I am more inspired, learning to pursue that calm, and 

So if you have any great sources of guided meditations, especially for manifesting, please drop the links in the comments!

Maybe I'll try going back to yoga too.

This definitely does not mean that I'm giving up my pervy side. Hell no! 

In the slow process, I am trying to reduce and negate many of my negative habits in the food and adult beverage department too. Food is coming along wonderfully!
I have embraced trying to keep it to 90% whole foods.
In actuality, I am allergic to dairy, but I LOVE cheese!!
I am trying to make changes with that.
Last night, I made this recipe.
Really, I only made the sauce, but you know what? It's not bad at all, and it's actually growing on me.
It was a huge batch, so I refrigerated it and have been pouring it over my ground turkey and salsa today for a meal that seems far more decadent than it is!

Obviously, I've not embraced veganism again...but who knows?
This new journey is taking me to all sorts of places that I didn't think I would go to again.
It's a vegan cauliflower sauce mac & cheese from 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

This past weekend, we had to say goodbye to our girl.
She was 14.
The past couple of years, she had definitely slowed down.
We were constantly at the vet getting new ways and meds to keep her quality of life good.
Unfortunately in the past two weeks, she gave up.
She would not stand when helped up.
She didn't care if she pottied on herself and didn't try to move from it.
It was heart-breaking.
Yet, we tried more meds, until hubs came home Friday evening and just said,
"I made the appointment for tomorrow."
Copious pictures were taken.
I cooked her chicken, gave her cheese, apples, anything she wanted.
That morning it hit me as I made her last meal.
This picture was taken before we left.
She had developed a head tilt in addition, which they suspected was the beginning of neurological issues in the brain. We were assured it was time.
I had vowed to her over the years, to stay with her to the end.
As she lay on the cushion and blankets on the floor of the vet room, she crawled to put her head in my lap. We snuggled with her, one of us on each side of her.
I can say it was peaceful and quicker than I thought.
It was heartbreaking, but it was time.

It's very different around the house now.
It took about 45 minutes each time we fed her, trying to get her up and outside then holding her up or picking her up when she fell. 
We are the only ones that miss her.
Mr. Man has been sad since he realized she wasn't coming back.
As with all of our pets, Ms. Heidi is being cremated so that she will always have a little physical piece around with us.
She was feisty.
I met her dad only two weeks after he got her, so she was just as much mine as his.
He was deployed, and she and I spent a ton of quality time together.
Although, he was always her special person.
However, I will never forget her crawling to put her head in my lap in her final moments.

Friday, 24 March 2017

They say live like you already have the life you dream of.
I want Jared Leto's life.
I know. I know. I may have a slight obsession with the man, but hear me out.
Maybe I'm a little infatuated because he has made so much happen in his life.
The man is an actor, musician, altruist, adventurer...into kink & BDSM. <- p="" perk="">
I want to have it all.
I want to be a successful novelist, athlete, adventurer, help others, save the planet, inspire and more.
Why can't I make that happen?
It's funny when you wake up and think, "You know, maybe I can make this happen, for real?!"
I have no earthly clue, but something in my chest is telling me that I can.

However, as I looked out of my back windows and saw this view,
this came over me:
Now, am I going to climb a mountain today?
Um, no, but I may go try the indoor wall soon.
Climb a tree?
Why not? I did it as a kid, why do we lose that urge and joy?
Maybe it's me opening myself up to my inner self, the universe, whatever, but I am finding myself having more joy, urges, and need to change.
Like I said, I'm not sure how, but it will come to me.

But in the spirit, I bought a few pairs of those shorts that all of the cute fit chicks wear.
Dress how I want to be - well, the fitness me.
I'm almost not too embarrassed to wear them.
Perhaps this is how you approach that whole concept?
Let's see what else I figure out.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lessons Learned...and Finally Living.

I embrace my Pervy, Twisted, Kink, Dark side and all other facets of thought that I throw out  there when I write. I am not ashamed of my books. I also love that I want to be athletic, and the vision of my body that I am creating, not what others may not find aesthetically appealing about it. 
I control what I say and do and the tales I tell.
I cannot control what others think, freak out about, or are disappointed by...
One of the greatest burdens lifted from us is worrying about what others think about us, our actions, our life.
As long as we live with integrity, honesty, and happiness, I'm all good with that. 
You should love you too.

Although I am in need of a haircut...
I was trying to grow my hair out, but naw, that's not me. I like rocking the short do!
I realized it after I caught myself in the sunlight and mirror when I got to the gym this morning.
(Ignore the big zit...that's what happens when you shock your body and go back to eating clean.)
Today, I'm roasting the beets, brussel sprouts, and the tops and baking some apples. All which needed to be done before I lose the yummy organic goodness. I had not had brussel sprouts in ages. There's something very calming to me about cleaning, chopping, roasting or prepping food.
I know it's weird, but it's me!
If you would like to follow me along, my next book is
I had it checked out from the library, but it's 40 day guidebook, and there are holds for this baby.
So, I just bought it off of Amazon, and will probably begin from the beginning when it comes in.
Each day has approximately two pages of reading, so easy peasy, right?
Let's do it!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wednesday Words...Rambles

Guess who started working out on his own?
I told hubs a few weeks ago, "You look like you're losing weight."
He blew me off.
Well, in comes laundry and there are all of these extra clothes, towels, shorts and shirts.
He's been utilizing the office gym!
Yay! This just makes meal planning easier because he is on board with the meals I used to make more frequently. With both of us eating healthy, this whole thing gets a heck of a lot more fun!
We even went supplement shopping together too.
This is something that I've always wanted, even if we aren't working at the same gym...yet. 😀
We were scoping out one place that has a pool and climbing wall.
It's a rec center about 30 miles away, but I'm down for it, especially with this massive bikini collection that I'm starting. I also want to check out the paddle boarding in a town nearby.
I found this hilarious, and never better motivation, haha!
 Here's a pic from today after my leg workout.
I 💚 GYM!
Cute little leggings found at Wal-Mart of all places.
I'm pushing harder.
We did have to make a few trips into Denver the past week.
Since we were there, we went out to eat.
Don't get grossed out, but I LOVE these little snotballs on a half-shell.
Then, I received a card from my aunt yesterday. She found a roll of undeveloped film, and this picture was included. I think I was around 28!
And looking back, I used to think I was fat then?!
Isn't funny how our perception of ourselves is so messed up sometimes?

On the side of my pursuit of happiness and changes, I have picked up a few more books.
I'm sure that I will be giving them a shout out as I finish them.
And in changing my own reality and life and who I am choosing to be, I have created the time to work on my novels. I'm flexing my creative muscles. YaY!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Thursday Tunes

I have to tell you that I have been concurrently reading a few books.
It's so funny that where I am in them, they all overlap concepts.
Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.
For the past two days, this song has been in my head.
Whenever I need an affirmation or a happy moment, I sing, "I believe in miracles!"
The rest of the song just rocks too.
I have also developed this deep joy listening to Kid Kudi.
I know I'm late to the party, lol.
Maybe I'm not destined to become a bitter old lady yet.
I could listen to "Pursuit of Happiness" a zillion times a day.
M.I.A. has been growing on me too, especially "Paper Planes."

I may have some spontaneous dance parties during the day too.
I dance like no one is watching because they aren't!
Well, sometimes when the hubs and I bust out dancing in the aisles of the supermarket they do, but we don't care. I think people should stop and dance or sing a lyric, maybe there would be more smiles and fewer resting bitch faces?!
Here's the best part, I am really learning not to care what other people think.
I am only responsible for what I do or say. What other people think about it is there issue, not mine.
How about them apples? 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Book of Badass Awesomeness!

Part of my goal this year is the Pursuit of Happiness and being Un-Apologetically Me.
Yes, I have succumbed to reading self-help books, inspirational books, happy books.
This one has so rocked my socks.

Jen Sincero knocks You Are A Badass out of the park.
If you follow me on Instagram, I have been putting up quotes all week.
She is funny, witty, and damn on target with her concepts.
I have laughed out loud on the treadmill while listening to her audible.
I've had it playing while I work and do chores around the house.
She draws you in with her non-guru-y, non-Ooom hilarity in the world of self-help.
I know that I will be listening to this a few times again.

It's synchronicity or something because it's like she is speaking directly to me about all of the changes that I have been thinking about, but now want to make.

We all know that I write novels on the side.
I can only pump out about one a year because of all of my other activities and contract work.
I want to make a living from writing.
I'm putting it out there in the universe and believing that if I keep working hard, doing whatever I can with integrity, that it will become a reality.
I'm not going to worry or burden myself with the how, but just believe that it is happening.
What can I say? Perhaps I am beginning to believe in miracles.
I will also be going beyond the genre of erotica...stay tuned!
The same with my fitness goals.
I am putting it out there that I will continue the course and inspire others.
Maybe there will be a cookbook, or another related book.
And a few other things that I am not quite ready to admit to, but who said overcoming fear and doubt is immediate. I'm working on it. 

I am recommending this book to everyone I know; that's how much it has affected me.

Saying that, hint hint, if you enjoy a book, please pass it on to the people you know who would enjoy it. That's how us indies get known. 😜

So on a side note, I have one of my lesser known books on sale.
I call it my hidden gem of smut.
Out of the four stories that I've written, and that people have read, they often tell me this is their favorite. This is my attempt at getting it a little more love. 
Universal Amazon Link:

Monday, 13 March 2017

Fear, Food, and more!

And I did.
I still feel like I may throw up.
And times, they are a changing. This is for sure.
There are changes that I have wanted forever, for 25 years.
Let's see what happens with that, lol.

I have been reading and listening inspiring books, some of which are also making me laugh out loud on the treadmill at the gym. Got to love that.
I will be doing a post on these reads of positive awesomeness.
I am still doing my positive vibes, happiness project which is in turn leading me to more writing. I have all of these ideas swirling around. At this moment, though, I am trying to get part two of my last release completed. I truly wish I could sit behind the computer for hours on end, but my flow doesn't work that way. Maybe I can try some exercises to change that?
Hmmm, something new to research, hahaha!

I may be taking this whole 'Shine Bright' thing a little too literally.
I don't care, I love them. Besides, they were truly needed. My current pair is about to fall to pieces.
So, I treated myself.

Our weather has been unseasonably warm. We know it's just psyching us out, and we're due another dump or two of snow until May. However, we might as well take advantage of it while we can!
One day we did a little grilling.
I have so been digging kale lately. I just saute it in a pan sprayed with a little olive oil.
Toss it about, add a little sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.
I have had some wonderful peppers too!
That's one up there with grape tomato halves on top.
I have been stuffing them with ground turkey or ground chicken that I cook with salsa.
Top with a tablespoon of Parmesan  and bake in the toaster oven.
Sometimes I layer spinach underneath, like below.
I also had a huge mango and some kiwi that we were not going to get to quickly last week.
So, I pureed them in the blender and froze them into little cubes.
They can be tossed in water or tea, or when I make my hubs smoothies in the morning.
Or you can just grab one for a sweet treat by itself.