Wednesday, 19 October 2016

You never know.

I found out today how true this is.
Something happened to me today as I was at the gym just struggling to get through my half-a$$ workout. I saw a lady, who I have passed many times since moving here. We've chatted before in restaurants or when we've seen each other out, basic pleasantries. I've always thought she was vibrant, happy, and pretty too.

Today, she was on the elliptical, I was doing a little treadmill karaoke when she approached me.
I took out my headphones, and she proceeded to compliment me on the changes I have made in the past few months. She wants to make changes too. So, we chatted. We talked about food, exercise, weights, our similar lifestyles. Our conversation went even deeper. We discussed social media, society standards and how it affects our young girls. She would like me to meet and talk to her teen daughter. We've even exchanged numbers, talked about maybe getting together to food prep, hang out and workout together.

I'm not tooting my own horn at all, but I didn't realize that I had an impact on others, or could even possibly help anyone. I mean, I have my own issues...which I told her a little about too, lol. 
So even though I have been struggling, I haven't given up over the past few months.
Even though I may not always see the changes in me, others have.
Today has inspired me to keep going stronger.
How cool is that?

And on a not so serious note...
Today's legging game:
Cthulu on my crotch.

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