Saturday, 8 October 2016

Inspired cooking!

Hey all!
I have been a busy bee, but am proud to say that I am another 2 pounds down, 7 to go for my goal.

I have also been obsessed with cooking again...and cookbooks and recipe sites.
I have been going to the library and grabbing bunches.
Then, if one really catches my eye, I order it.
These are my two newest ones on order.
I did not necessarily go searching out Paleo books, but they caught my eye, and the recipes look amazing.

This morning I made these which are from the first cookbook by Julie Bauer.
They are Lemon Raspberry Swirl Muffins.

I found a link for you to the recipe here.

Last night I found this recipe and decided to alter it to fit more of my eating habits.
It's a Bobotie.

The top is actually an egg & milk mixture. I subbed unsweetened cashew milk for real milk.
Underneath is a lean ground beef that was cooked with a myriad of spices and flavors.
There were a few ingredients that I left out, like sugar. 

That's what so wonderful about recipes like this, you can alter them and make them healthier.
It has sooo much flavor from curry powder, tumeric, garlic!

Here is the original recipe.
My hope is to find amazing recipes, alter them, then put them here for you to try.
Right now, I'm just playing with flavors and ingredients to make them healthier.
It must be working because the weight is coming off, and I have not been killing myself in the gym, just enjoying my workouts.
Progress pic soon!

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