Tuesday, 13 September 2016

What to add on?

It has been super busy in my real life.
As many who have followed a while know, I have the convenience of working from home.
And believe me I know how lucky I am, especially during winter when I do not have to try and venture out on the snowy mountain roads and commute.
This has been an unusually busy year for me.

In a way, I am grateful.
It has kept me away from social media more.
Being away from FB, Twitter, and such, has made me realize how much it drains me, and my psyche - in some areas more than others.
I mean, I do enjoy some aspects of it, but others I most definitely can do without.
Even though, parts of real life stress me out, I'm much happier with extended periods away from social media, lol. 

I want to do more here though.
I have been debating more that I could add that would possibly be of more interest: besides selfies, lol. But I do have a fabulous array of workout wear that is begging to be recorded and posted!
Hopefully, I will always keep a log of my progressions (and inevitable setbacks).

I have been debating doing some form of a cooking challenge.
Transforming recipes?
Following some cookbooks?
Maybe testing out some vegan and vegetarian ones?
Playing with some meal prep ideas?
New workouts each week?
Or a newly discovered exercise to add or switch things up?

I want to liven this place up!

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