Friday, 29 April 2016

April Showers...

This pretty much sums it up.
Started once again yesterday, and we're slated from 10" to 2 feet, snowing through Sunday.
I seriously need some sunshine soon, and warmth.
I am in a perpetual shiver.

It has been super hard to eat a few salads when I just want thick, creamy hot soups and stews filled with cheese, cream and bread on the side or potatoes or fried spicy things. My veggie intake has not been stellar, and I have been trying to get salad in more often.

But, I did just eat a salad with my chicken.
I also just made another cup of steaming coffee, as I sit here.
I am supposed to be doing my work, but I am worked out, lol.
I am so glad that it's Friday, and *crossing my fingers* I won't have to work through the weekend too. See, it is super lucky to be able to work from home, but they always know where to find me. And they love to pile it on me because, you know, they seem to think I have nothing better to do, lol. 
Or they just figure, "Hey, she's snowed in. Let's send it all to her and all the in office peeps can enjoy themselves!"
No, I know that's not it at all. I'm just pooped.
And frozen, lol. 

Anyway, before the snows came in, I was doing great this week. I was even down 2 pounds.
I'm not saying that I'm doing badly now. I've just slowed down a bit. In all honesty, I hate working out at home. I'm one of those people that is motivated by the actual gym environment.

Yep, I'm all full of excuses, aren't I?

But this guy is always here to keep me company.

So my days are really not bad. How could they be with this all over me all of the time?

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