Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Good Life

I make no qualms in that I have a good life.
I get to work from my home.
I get the leisure of working on side projects that I enjoy.
I get the perks of a super flexible schedule which enables me to do large batches of cooking, go to the gym, play with diy and gardening.
I normally maintain a predominantly positive attitude and am overall, happy.

But let's face it, shit happens.
Most of the time, I can let things just roll off.
Then there are those other times.
It is completely odd the instances that will send me into a tailspin or set me off.
Usually it is something really stupid and minuscule.
So, I apologize for throwing my tantrum.

Even at my age, I have my moments where I forget that only I can control my happiness, and other peoples' opinions should not affect that.
Life goes on, and it's always cyclical, ups and downs, right?
I have to learn to surf those waves with more skill and grace.
What can I say? I am only human.

Speaking of waves and surfing, which I will never attempt because, well, Sharks!
I have been perusing bikinis.
If I reach my goal by my birthday, which is in May, I want to reward myself with something like this beauty.

Maybe over the weekend I will try to upload some new body shots, though I don't see that much progress yet.

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