Monday, 18 January 2016

I give.

Truly, all I wanted to do was help, give, maybe give a little inspiration.
I know I'm not perfect.
I know I'm not a great body type.
I thought I had developed a thick skin over the years.
But, I haven't.
So, I am taking a break.
Messages are harsh. People are harsh.
I've come to realize that typing here doesn't help anything lately.
So, I am going to step away.
I will just do me.
Without the 'chirp chirp' or whatever.
Maybe I'm just not meant for social media anymore.
Laters taters.

1 comment:

Melissa Cunningham said...

What the what??!
Lemme at the dopes who have left you mean messages! I totally get while your stepping away but don't lose heart !!! you are a friggin rock star and with all the perfect imperfections!! Don't stay away too long!!!
*sending hugs*