Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thankful and Grateful

I am.
I am thankful that I have the ability to move, to walk, to write, to do almost anything that I set my mind to if I desire it.
I am grateful for those around me who put up with my insanity, my ramblings, my filthy mouth and writings, my drunken texts and messages, my complaining, and so much more.
I am grateful for my sore body when I workout.
I am thankful to have been provided tools by a magnificent coach - who I should keep in better touch with and utilize and make appointments with.
I should make the choice to follow these tools and plans all of the time, lol.

I am grateful that if I put my mind back to it, I can achieve the aesthetic that I had last year and could maintain it. I made some bad choices. I am grateful that I have choices.

I am thankful and grateful for a partner who accepts me for who I am, faults, craziness, exhibitionism, and all. He does not judge me or throw my faults and failures in my face.
He makes me laugh when I'm blue.
He dances with me in the aisles of the grocery store to muzak, doesn't matter who is around us.
He's a good guy. 

I guess I just wanted to announce my thanks this year.

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