Thursday, 8 October 2015

Garden and a quick easy meal!

As you know, we moved at the beginning of the year to the mountains.
The whole land and environment is different from the metro Denver area.
We've had tons to do, so I have not begun any compost or garden.
In fact, we plan on eventually having a fenced area (enough to keep out the deer, bears and other critters) and a greenhouse since our growing season will be very short.
This year, all that I have accomplished is a few containers on the deck.
These are from one pot on the deck.
Other than that I have some lettuces and herbs. 
However, I'm happy with the outcome.

Speaking of those tomatoes, today I had lean ground turkey mixed with one of those bad boys, some green chiles, and avocado, topped off with a sprinkle of Flavor God's Chipotle seasoning. 
It was pretty tasty and quick!

And just because...
It was time to kill legs today.

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