Monday, 7 September 2015

Boo Face

This is my disappointed face.
We spent the whole weekend working around our house.
I showered, put on makeup, and left with semi-wet head - see that?!
We hit all of the little restaurant/bars within a ten mile radius of our house, and all of them closed before 8 pm.
I suppose that's a sign.
Even though there were hundreds of vehicles with campers and such headed out, probably also looking for a place to plop for a burger and adult beverage.
Who are we to judge businesses for passing up more cash.
Bless 'em for not having to, I guess.
I just wanted to chill at a bar for a bit and have one, lol.
Oh well, instead, we came back home, I snuggled into my pj's (it's about 40 degrees at night here) and threw on an Ink Masters!
As I said, maybe it's a sign for me to just chill, not gorge, and watch some other masochistic fantasies! I feel the need for new ink...
At least I don't look like I suffer from too many wrinkles yet!

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