Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Body Positive

I have been seeing many posts all over social media about this daily.
I think it's absolutely fabulous.
I have seen bodies of all shapes and sizes represented.
 I am a person who can see the beauty in all people,
especially if they are healthy and happy with themselves.
And, no, I do not imply healthy to mean thin, trim, or buff.
With that said, I wish some of these people spewing all of these posts could also do the same.
It's not fair to pin-point other various body types and then ridicule them because one loves their body type or size, but find others' not to their liking.
I've been at both ends of the spectrum.
At one time, my five foot nothing frame was over 140 pounds.
When I was younger, I couldn't get the scale to budge past 93 pounds.
Now, well, it fluctuates.
I'm okay with it most times.
In fact, I will go months and months without even stepping on the scale.
Yes, I go to the gym normally five days a week.
I enjoy eating, but I also like to cook in a 'clean' way.

I really don't need to hear negativity on the way that I choose to live.
I hate when people say, "But you're already skinny."
Which by the way, I do not consider myself skinny. 
I am not after 'skinny.'
I happen to prefer a more toned and athletic body on myself.
I also am offended when someone asks me the stereotypical question to my love of lifting weights, 
"You don't want to look like a man, do you?"
Let's see, I've been actively living this way since 2011, and I don't look like a man yet...
At least, I'm pretty sure that I don't.
*fingers crossed*

I happen to enjoy becoming stronger.
I like my teeny potato biceps.
I am always up to try some new adventure.
I am glad to say that I never get sick with those seasonal colds and flu viruses.
I am healthy.

So if you are going to claim to be body positive, embrace all of those other body types who are healthy, enjoying life, and happy too. 


Melissa Cunningham said...

AMEN sister!!!!!!!!!!

v8grrl said...

people always say everyone is fat shaming....

I get skinny shamed. I'm not skinny, I'm smaller than what apparently is average now. but I hate when someone says, "yeah, like you need to worry" we all need to worry, health is health and I want my body to be healthy as it can while I age. I want to enjoy my senior years

i tend to hear more skinny shaming and healthy shaming than fat shaming now.
its "not politically correct to fat shame"
so the opposite is ok?

I think no one whould be shamed...BUT, maybe a gentle reminder is ok. sometimes, someone SHOULD say something.

my opinion