Friday, 14 August 2015

Pizza, Honey BBQ, Chipotle....What?

Do I hear angels singing?
My Flavor God seasonings arrived!
I cannot wait to do food prep this weekend!!
I NEVER say that. 
But really, I'm so excited!!

Oh and yes, that is a hot sauce in the back ground, lol.
Our local VFW sells them for each branch of the military.
My husband was in the Coast Guard, but when he was deployed, one time he went with the Army and another time the Navy during the Iraqi War. 
We have many other hot sauces. I may have a problem with hot sauce. 
I can tell you that Crystal Hot Sauce has always been my favorite, but it is not available here.
Then Louisiana Hot Sauce, but the Halbenero flavor - YIKES!

In random news:
For some weird reason, I felt compelled to buy two bikinis and two pair of jean cut-off shorts.
I have no idea what possessed me.
I never wear shorts, ever.
Bikinis only when it's competition season for posing practice.
The man says he should now buy me cowboy boots and a hat.
The only place that sells clothing within 25 miles, is a western store, which by the way, sells chickens, and supplies for livestock, hardware, tools, guns...
I have never seen so many huge, rhinestoned belt buckles in my life, nor jeans with so much bling on the pockets.
You wouldn't expect those jeans to cost $100.
They do.
Oh well, I haven't worn jeans in years either, lol. 
It's bad enough that I now wear purple UGGS, or even own UGGS...
But they are so freaking warm and comfy. 

What is happening to me?
I guess it will be okay if I look like Daisy Duke eventually. 

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