Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday night hotness

I did it.
I took the plunge.
I re-joined my old gym.
I am now a member of two, hehe.
One is seven miles away; the other, forty.
Needless to say, I will only go to my old one once or twice a week.
However, I so love it there.
The atmosphere, the people... inspiring.
I'm not saying my new gym is bad.
No, it's fine.
I put in my headphones and go to work.
However, this is a small town.
I will be on the benchpress, bar in the air, and a person will come hover above me, gesturing for me to take out my earbud so they can talk to me.
THIS is distracting.
But, how can you keep telling 70 & 80 year olds to please not do that.
It's not like they listen, lol.
They are very nice, but so unaware of people who really want to focus on their workout.
The place is like a social club.
Even the trainers just sit and chat.
Then again, did I mention most of the clientele are 70 and 80 year olds?

Plus, I miss my coach. 
She is no nonsense and kicks my butt.
She keeps me accountable.
She snaps me back, and is just freaking awesome at helping to get your head straight.
Yeah... I kind of need her.

Tonight, I'm going to a team workout.
I may puke.
I think that I have not been to one since last July.
I'm just bracing myself for the embarrassment that I will surely cause myself.
Oh well. I need it.
When I was going consistently I began to love my Friday night dates with gym.
Time to fall in love again.

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