Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Random Wednesday Musings

I am really glad there is not a diner nearby in my town.
I feel like sitting, eating pie and drinking coffee.

I have always enjoyed talking to older folks.
My aunt had a beauty salon in my grandmother's home.
She catered to the little old ladies who were married after WWII.
I always loved listening to their stories as they recalled their youth.
Some of those ladies were a little wicked for the day.
I loved the sparkle in their eyes when they recalled dances, dating, men.

Two weekends ago, I went to my first VFW Patriots Breakfast.
It is only held once a month, and the proceeds go to help with their charities - one being a home they have for some homeless veterans.
I believe they have five people living their at the moment.
Anyway, now, I am listening to men recall stories.
It is something that I think far too people do, listen and learn.

One man that I was speaking to, brought up his daughter and her side interest - roller derby.
When I told him that I was a recruit and then refereed for a little over a year, the fun conversation began.
Imagine that?!
We had a ball talking about the leagues here.
He was so proud of his daughter, and loved the sport.
Quirky topic to hit on, isn't it?

I think when I grow old that I am going to be one of those fixtures somewhere in town.
You'll see me every morning in the same seat.
I will people watch and try to start conversations with people.
All of the waitstaff will know my name and know exactly what I order every day.
See my family stops with me.
I am an only child.
I have no siblings.
and no kidlings.
Hopefully, someone will listen to my stories when the time comes because I plan on having fascinating ones to share.

And god help whoever finds my journals...
Maybe I'll become notorious.

And now back to pursuing my banging body.

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