Thursday, 12 February 2015

Legging LOVE & Happy Dance

I absolutely adore funky leggings, or as my hubs calls them
"sassy pants."
I live in sassy pants.
I don't care what other people think about them, because they make me super happy.
Pfft, I even wear them when I'm not going to the gym.
I'm classy like that.

 The two following are just cuz I'm finally leaning out from winter fluff. Pasty, Porcelain white, but finally leaning!

I swore I would never wear anything like these, but when we moved to the mountains, they became super comfy warm goodness. Yeah, I may invest in a real pair of Uggs now...Don't laugh!

And now I leave you with a song that makes me happy and start impromptu dance parties where ever I am.


Tenecia said...

Where did you get the first pair of leggings?!?!? I love them!!!!


Jen lassalle edwards said...

T. I got those a store in Denver called Fashion Nation. The brand is Banjo & Cake. And I found a link on Amazon!