Monday, 16 February 2015

I'm not failing; I'm just lagging.

I have been failing in both my departments, red lips and ass.
Well, maybe I should say that I have been lagging.
I have been going to the gym.
I have been putting stuffs on my lips, just not necessarily red stuffs.
Psssst... I have been eating like a dump truck.

The highlight of my week was on Friday.
I was lifting at the gym.
I went to grab all of my stuff out of the locker, checked my phone for work emails and was walking up front when I was stopped by another woman.
Kind of caught me off guard because she asked,
"Do you compete, like physique or one?"
Turns out she did her first competition last year in bikini, but had prepped herself.
She is now working with a trainer and not killing herself.
Anyway, the short story is we talked for about an hour before getting out of there.
So, YaY! I have met someone under 70 in the gym.
In fact, I do think she is younger than me.
Point is, there are other people there who are just as crazy as me!

And though I'm feeling fluffy, I'm still enjoying it.
One of the trainers laughed at me and told me it was just wrong to wear leggings with donuts, muffins and coffee in the gym.

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Tenecia said...

Yay - happy you met someone new!