Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How Important Is Music??

Do you remember the chick in Terminator that always wore her headphones?
See that part? ^points up^
That's after she had some brownchickenblackcow, and was *awesomely* making herself a post coital snack!
*fist bump*
I can completely identify with her *~coital earbuds and all~* boomchakalaka-chakalaka-chakalaka-boom*
Music helps everything.
Doesn't it?
Or maybe, it's just me.

I remember in third grade I was given the choice to pick out a musical instrument for Christmas from the Sears Wish Book Catalog. Remember those?
Being me, I went for every parent's worst nightmare... drums!
Yeah, my parents decided that was a big negative.
So, I was given the scaled down choice of guitar (acoustic) or violin.
I chose guitar because even at that age I thought of the songs I could play on the radio as opposed to violin.
So, it began.
In fourth grade, lessons, on through tenth grade.
I graduated to electric guitar around seventh.
I could read music, write music, write songs.
I attempted  to start an all chick garage band.
It never blossomed like I wanted.
My cousin, he still remembers the band name, hahaha.
But through all of the years, appreciating chord progressions, insane solos, rhythm...
I still always rock out to the drums in songs.
I play air drums, not air guitar.
I do it on the steering wheel.
I do it between sets at the gym.

I'm that crazy person, fist pumping and head banging and bouncing with their earbuds in.

Music moves me.
Music inspires me.
I can spend my whole day with music playing.
And as you saw, all night, 90% of the time, those earbuds are in while I sleep.
I'm sure I will lose my hearing eventually, but I'm addicted.

All genres too. I may post some videos again from time to time.
Today, I'm going with a classic because whenever I hear this song, I immediately smile.

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Tenecia said...

Love music (as you already know!) and always appreciate finding new songs to add to my collection!