Wednesday, 28 January 2015

To All Of You Tall Folks! Plus some red lips and ass...

Show a little love by not holding things above our heads so we can't reach them.
Don't make fun of me when I can't even reach the top cabinet shelf with a step stool and have to acrobatically hoist myself to stand on the counter tops.
It would be awesome if "short" pants were actually, but I still have to cut and hem them...
even my uber cool stretchy pants!
The new gym? Their lying leg press does not adjust to any point where my little legs can use it. Boo!

The good part is guys have pretty much always have been taller than me.
I love being small in big bear hugs.
I'm pretty easy to pick up and carry.
Plus and negative, everyone says "You're so cute and tiny!"
At almost 42, I was hoping to get past cute at some point, lol. 

Today's red lip since I hit the gym this morning was Burt's Bees Ruby Moon gloss. 
Didn't want to go overboard at the gym, yo.
(Post workout 'glow' a/k/a sweat)

And FINALLY day 1 of working on dat ass! 
Don't make fun of my flatness!! 
Remember what it used to look like?
I'm working on da bubble folks, working.
Day 1... It's a blip bum right now, but you wait and see by next January, I'll be rocking booty shorts in the snow because my butt will be all BAM!
(and yes I'm on my bathtub because I don't have a full length mirror, lol)


Tenecia said...

I'm tall and hate that I've never felt "small" in a bear hug - no fair!


Jen lassalle edwards said...

And I can only give you tiny hug =)
But you can reach everything!