Monday, 26 January 2015

This is my sexy face...

This is how I do it.
Nerd on - real work, proofing/editing fun/writing book 2/real life stuffs.
I keep it glamorous, yo!
Even my attire:
My schedule finally lightens up this week; I get to head to join the only gym!
I am sorely missing my gym time.
Did food prep yesterday - we grilled because the day was glorious and above 30 degrees!
I have been keeping up with red lips, but have not been posting pictures here, lol.

Today was Lancome 270 Absolu Rouge
*Thank you lipstick fairy!
I have a friend who sent me soo many beautiful testers of fab lip fancies.

Now, the 'ass' part of my year commences.
I also was able to procure some super awesome quirky leggings:
Dia de los meurtos, donuts and cupcakes, octopi, any one?
(Yay for awesome friends and fam)
So be warned, gratuitous selfies in crazy pants to come!

Also, if anyone is interested in keeping up with my author page:

I don't want to inundate this page with smut, but will still occasionally promote some friends and myself here when good things are happening.

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Tenecia said...

Can't wait for pics of leggings! I'm currently obsessed with them!