Thursday, 22 January 2015


I have no cell service at the house.
Just got satellite internet.
I plan on joining the only gym in the town population of 4066.
I have met more people in the past two weeks than I met in the 8 years of living at the previous house.
We have TWO, yes two, outhouses on the property. One is still functional and quite spiffy.
All of the houses around have them, and some of the people actually utilize only them.
Down the hill is the town library. I swear its maybe 12' by maybe 20', but they have free WiFi, but are only open 3 days a week for 3 hours, lol.
The other little shops are awesome to walk through, and now all of the owners now know us.
This cabin is considerably smaller than our last house.
Purged a TON of our belongings.
There is far more property.
Eighty percent of the cabins in our "neighborhood" are vacation rentals or homes so it's sooo quiet.
No street lights, so at night it's all stars between the trees.
We are getting a wood stove put in with a cook top. Why?
Snow storms and power outages.
Am I sounding like a country bumpkin yet?

I shall now commence project Red Lips & Ass!
So be prepared for picture craziness!
P.s. Told about the Red Neck waterslides...
What's that you ask?
 Well, in the pics that follow, look at those mountains and rocks.
Apparently in summer, the locals go and move all of the shifted rocks and slide down into the rivers/creeks! They say the water is freezing but it's loads of fun.
Maybe I will finally be able to wear all of the bikinis I have bought over the years and never taken the tags off of.

So, here are a few pics - sans snow!

This is my view  *points down* from that deck and sliding glass door *points up*

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