Friday, 30 January 2015

Red Lips and Ass!!

I finally joined the gym!
It's small, but has everything I need. =)
I have been the past three days.
I think the population that rolls through is 85% 70+ years old.
So, it seems like I will have a ton of time by myself and the equipment pretty open.
Here's a shot from today: empty gym.
The look on my face?
OMG!! I am way fluffier than I thought!
*embarrassed right here*
 So, ya know, there is my ass!
And all the other parts too.

Operation red lips has been awesome.
Did I tell you that I've had lipstick fairies?!
All of the amazing ones that I've been wearing have been gifted to me.
I swear, I have the absolutely sweetest friends ever!
This one was in my mailbox today!!

I owe some people some fun back!

Here are a few shots from this week.

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