Saturday, 27 December 2014


I won't lie.
I'm a total slacker.
So many fun and weird and exciting things going on.
My gym and food and been on the steady slide down.
I did do proper food prep this week...after a discussion with my bro who gave me a verbial slap and kick in the rear to get my priorities back in order.
I know many do not follow, and that's cool, but I may be posting more to keep myself accountable.
The only thing that is sticky is there is probably going to be a move and we are finding it incredibly difficult to find internet and cell phone service in the area, lol.
It will work out though. 
Anyway, be prepared to see my fat ass getting back in gear, and hopefully as fierce as ever.
Okay, I'm not completely gone, we've agreed on that, but I have accumulated a wee bit o winter fluff.
Isn't that why winter clothes are so forgiving?

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