Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year's, Asses, Lipstick & Selfies

This morning I was all set to take a butt pic to be accountable...
Then I saw it and felt horribly embarrassed.
What an effin' slap in the face, or rather ass.
Yeah, so I suck apparently.
Funny how I've convinced myself that I still looked pretty much the same.
I've been assured it's not as bad as I personally envision, but when you're used to a certain level of ass-building...
Well, here we go back on the wagon.
Be prepared that I may begin gratuitous selfies again, as they keep me on track.

On to something fun.
Things have been slightly heavy lately.
Okay, that sounded bad, nothing earth shattering, just changes and stupid annoying stuff.
Those of you who know me, know I disappear sporadically to deal and try to bounce back with silly fun perverted stuff. I mean everyone has heavy stuff, right?
So, I have read some funny, hilarious, crazy books, been browsing the humor on pinterest...
and obviously munching on pizza and such a little too much.

In an effort to keep life light, my New Year's resolutions are going to be fun.
I'm going to try and wear red lipstick or bold lipstick daily!
It's silly, but it does put me out of my comfort zone.
It doesn't do anything to change anything. It's just something I want to try.
I've been challenged by some girlfriends to do the Instagram thing.
So, I may try to do that - 
red lipstick, asses, smut and fun?
Why the hell not?

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