Thursday, 16 October 2014

Did you know?! Just WoW!

This is just a hilarious story that I have to share.
For background, my real job is dealing with boundary and topographical surveying.
I provide the plat drawings from land surveyors.
In doing this, I have to know information about the property, structures on the property, topographical changes, utilities, just tons of borning info.

Out at a site in rural, mountainous Colorado:
The houses are lovely.
Of course, everything around is picturesque: mountains, trees, rocks, creeks, mini-waterfalls, cliffs.
In this area, I began to notice all of these little buildings spaced away from main residences. Some even had landscaped paths with little lights edging them.
Of course, curiosity got the better of me.
Besides, every structure must be labeled: Garage, Shed, Moveable Shed, Office, etc.

This = outhouse!
And it's totally within code in this county!

It had to do with the way the terrain is. There is no city or county water or septic.
All of these places rely on wells and septic tanks.
However, some areas have no room for a leech field of a normal septic receptacle.
Some of these properties do have a large tank which has to be pumped one to two times a month at $300 a pop?!
That's some expensive potty-ing and removal of gray water.
In large, many of these homes were built turn of the century and renovated for modern conveniences, except for toilets....
In fact, some of these outhouses have been around for the same period of time.

Learn something new everyday.

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