Friday, 10 October 2014

Books & Bodies....

I have been so flipping exhausted that I have been loopy as a crack head.
Seriously, I feel sorry for those who have had conversations or "chatted" with me at the end of the day, lol.
I'm pretty sure that I sound legally insane.
So if you have had the pleasure of me the past week, well, sooooorrrrry!
On the book side, guess who finished draft two of her smut rag?
*This Girl*
It has gone to the beta-reading process.
The copies got sent out last night.
One beta-reader finished it, and I had wonderful emails this morning.
But, she's going to give me thoughts and suggestions too, which I absolutely love constructive criticism.
I really want this to be well received, even if it not a literary masterpiece.
However, the positive comments that I have received just overnight has me feeling better about the story not being a complete piece of fecal fiction!

Now, my thoughts are moving on to the cover.
I would love to stay away from stock photos.
I wish my friend were in town soon.
He comes to Denver often.
He is a dork and smart-ass, but I suppose that's why we get along, lol.
We have been friends for quite a while.
Though, I view him as a brother, I acknowledge that he has a phenomenal physique. I would love to ask him to bring another built friend with tattoos, so that I could have a photog friend do a shoot.
I would promise to cut off their heads so their work, friends and family wouldn't know they were on the cover of my porn on paper!
Maybe I convince some local competitors or athletes that I'm acquainted with to do it?
But, I will probably stick with stock photos.
There is always the dream, lol.

I have been continuing my training, though it is much lighter than it used to be, but still consistent. 
My food, however, has not been consistent at all.
I have slid down a slippery slope of comfort foods.
I am still on the hunt for super awesome recipes.
Of course, I would rather look at pictures and recipes than cook lately....

I however want to get my mojo back and represent the lifestyle well.
It hit me that people actually are influenced by me.
What's weirder is when my friends' kids who are in high school and beginning college tell me they think I'm kick-ass?!
One whom I have know since he was a little guy too, told his dad to tell me he thinks that I should do CrossFit competitions.
I told him that I would probably die because I have not even tried CrossFit.
It's awesome that he thought that though, lol.
Maybe one day, I'll give it a go.

Which leads me to this:
I need sleep!
Until I can have some hours of uninterrupted sleep, I will fill up on coffee and hope to not become a slurring fool.
Here I am trying to have normal not goofy face.... 
Or maybe I was just too tired to even try to be my dork-ish self

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