Friday, 1 August 2014

2 Weeks shy of 4 months post competition.

I was asked by some fellow fitness ladies about my after competition body now. I will admit, having family and folks in visiting, I made excuses to splurge some. I don't always follow my lifestyle as well as I should. There may have also been more goodies than there should be lately. So this is me, almost 4 months after. This also keeps me accountable, and it tells me that I have to tighten up my "treat" schedule and kick it up at the gym some. So, I'm going to re-implement it ~
I can see that I'm started down that slippery slope, and I would like to reign it in before I slide ALL the way down again. 
workout-progress pics
 Keep it Healthy Friends, and Happy! Today is a new start  **** speaking of, I'm off to that place!

For future reference, yeah, photos sometimes make me face the reality...

On a quick side note, I think that I'm going to be giving the blog an overhaul.
I'm thinking tabs to separate Fitness, Books, Smut, "Secret Mission" <-to announced="" be="" hope.="" i="" soon="" span="">

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