Tuesday, 8 July 2014


We've been enjoying the company of family the past week.
However much I love them, I'm saying that I'm glad they're gone, haha.
It just gets exhausting trying to entertain people all day for so long when you are used to having a routine and just being able to do what you like all of the time.
It was fun though I feel like I need to recoup from it!

Here's something that made me go "Wow" and just touched me, surprised me, and embarrassed me.
A friend of mine from back home messaged me.
Her daughter (who I've know since she was a wee little bit) is turning 16 this year.  She's really gotten into working out, eating healthy, lifting.
We talk on FB, now that she has one.
She posts pics of her "gunz", her playlists and such.
Do you know what she asked for for her birthday?
She wants to fly to Colorado to workout with me?
Say what?!
I got so excited.
I'm trying to set some special things up for her at the gyms and get some of the people she's seen on my facebook to meet her and give her different tips and stuff.
I only wish there was a competition going on when she's coming up because I know she would love it!!!
Funny, how we affect people so deeply without even realizing it.
I can't wait to see the stinker again!
She seriously made my whole week!!

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