Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Enthusiasm is Contagious

My friend and her daughter came in this past weekend to visit with me.
From the time that I picked them up at the airport bright and early Friday morning, they were like excited sponges.
We went to my house where I made coffee and breakfast for us all....
my protein pancake recipe. =)
I loved that they loved it and wrote down everything that I did.
We then talked recipes, workouts, people in the industry.
Then, they took a much deserved nap having woke up before 4am that morning.
Afterwards, we hit a local chain restaurant.
I love how they asked me all sorts of questions about the menu, and I was able to help them navigate and give options when going out to eat.
Friday night, I took them to Team Workout!
Being a nubile almost 16 year old, C attacked that like a beast!!
My super coach spent time with her talking, encouraging, then gave her some autographed photos and a team shirt.
Talk about super excited?!

Saturday was much of the same, but instead, we hit the gym right up the street.
Lo and behold, when we entered there was another pro there for her to meet.
Rose was (and always is) so approachable and encouraging.
I told C, "Holy cow girl! Two pro's in two days?!"
We then jumped in to an upper body workout where I showed her some moves to switch it up during her routine.
So as not to bore you with every detail, the point is that spending a weekend with someone who is so excited and enthusiastic ignited my flame again.
Not that I have ever stopped, but I was beginning to wonder why I keep doing this.
With her, I know why now.
I am one amazed and happy camper.

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