Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bon jour gals!

I have been engulfed in literary lust folks!
I was approached by a publicist for an author whom I adore.
So, I am now helping with proofing, editing, and beta-reading his newest novel.
Guess what?
It's not even smut!
Sex, drugs, rock in roll and death and family....
Awesome-ness beyound awesome-ness.
I cannot wait to pimp it out.

Surprise, though I am not often grammatically correct here, I read with a critical eye. Afterall, this blog is for my own fun.
I do what I want.

Plus, I have another secret going that I hope works out.
*fingers crossed*

Now, on to the body stuffs.
My friend and her daughter come up this weekend!
I'm going to bring them to a team workout.
She is so freaking excited, and her excitement is rubbing off on me.
I love the enthusiasm of youth.
She's got a cute little bubble booty going too.
I love when she texts me,
"Ass to grass, Jen, ass to grass."
I crack up all the time with her.

I foresee a future for her.

I was also asked by a friend to be in a bikini shoot with him.
Uh, I freaked and said, "Hell no!"
That is my own insecurities, and thus, an opportunity lost for me to have hot pictures for when I get old, lol.

Well, this is just a quick catch up.
I PROMISE to try and blog more frequently friends!!

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