Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tattoo Tuesday

Since I didn't get anymore this week,
I decided to combine it with a little Man Meat, Man Candy, since I let that slide yesterday.

Let me introduce you to John Quinlan.
Athlete and Model.

Yeah, holy fuck bubbles!
Hubby, I need to use a freebie card!

I'm licking this bad boy, and he's going to be mine for a bit. ;)

Put that in front of me at the gym during cardio and maybe I wouldn't mind it so much anymore if I could ogle that. ~wink~
Course, I have a penchant for bald heads, tattoos, nice bods....
throw glasses on that fucker and I melt.


Tenecia said...


I want one...just to play with... ;)


Lapetitemort said...

T. I may or have not messaged him on FB telling him that I asked friends to kidnap him at RT in New Orleans this week....