Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sordid Hilarity

First off, I get the house to myself this weekend!
~happy dance~
You know that I love S, but oh sweet lawd!
Alone time!!

I had a great workout with coach last week.  I needed that ass kicking.
We also did a bodyfat check.  Pleasantly, I'm only up 2% since my competition and 2lbs up.  Not too shabby. 
She also encouraged and praised me, these are things my fragile ego crave.
She must sense it, haha.

Next weekend going to the Mile High!
It's a mixed NPC & Pro Show.
The first one was last year, and it rocked.
This year, I'm working one of the booths so I'll get to go sneak peek a bunch.

Did I show you guys the tank that I won from
Perfect for me, right?
He has awesome tanks.
I will more than likely order more. =)

If you don't believe what the shirt says, these are the kinds of messages that I get from my friends:

What kind of trouble can you come up with in that beautiful twisted mind of yours lady?  I'm bored with the norm.  Bars and blowhards are no fun. What is there to do on the edge these days?

I obliged by telling this person about a flogging demonstration that I saw a flyer for Downtown.

There have also been topics of how flattery will probably get you everywhere, and size does indeed matter.....

Maybe I should become the female version of Dan Savage?
No, I LOVE having these crazy conversations with my friends and that my friends are just a twisted as I am.
Want to see what I treated myself to?
Seems that I've been treating myself to a ton lately!
I bought this necklace from Creative Galina Dumbbell Couture.

Yep, that's a unicorn on a dumbbell!
Then, my birthday gift from S arrived.
He had this ring made for me.
It's a mermaid wrapped to hold a black pearl.
I really am going to have to start rocking all of this bling that I've been getting.

I finally broke down and signed up for Goodreads.
Actually, it's sort of fun.
I like the interaction with my friends on there.
My reading has been increasing, especially with damn FaceBook and all of the ebook giveaways!
Gotta love that!

I've been inspired to start writing again.
So, I have been.
Sadly, I write really weird, demented, aggressive stuff that people would probably be scared half to death to read.
Don't I look cute on the outside?
Inside it's all black, depravity, nefarious, lascivious insanity mixed with a gentle swirl of sarcastic humor.
That's what's in this little head.

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