Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was the birthday.
I really just wasn't feeling it this year.
S kept asking what I wanted to go do because he took the day off to spend with me.
I kept saying "nothing."
I just didn't feel like celebrating.
So, I got up and went to the gym, as usual.
When I got home, he convinced me to go out and eat somewhere different.
So, I showered, put on some makeup and tried to do my version of not gym clothes, haha.
My facebook exploded with wishes, which was crazy.
So many people posted that they hoped that I would eat a slice of cake or a cupcake or something.
Isn't that funny?

We wound up at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa and ate at one of their pub style restaurants.
And yes, I ate the dessert, or half of it.
S helped me out there.

 Yeah, it was delicious.

We hardly ever go into Downtown Denver anymore.
Next month, though, we have tickets to go see Nice Peter
Haven't heard of him?  Go check him out, he's hilarious and does these picture songs which crack us up.
Then, that same week we have tickets to Comic Con! Woot!!
Hopes were that Bruce Campbell would be there this year.
I so want to do the picture thing, but pose really silly with him, and then send them out as Christmas cards.
And I would do the oh so original, "Give me some sugar, baby."
We're trying to venture out more and not be hermits.

While we were out and about, we slipped into a few shops.
I got a new vinyl buckled and tied corset.
Don't ask me where I'm going to wear it because I haven't a clue.
Back in the day I rocked that type of shit everywhere.
Not so much anymore, haha.

This was me being silly and rocking out my 41 years.

 Needless to say, Sweetums made my birthday wonderful.

I came home to flowers from my inlaws, a tank that I had won, and disappointed by an empty envelope which was from an author that I like, Dave Matthes - The Slut Always Rides Shotgun.
I had won a signed copy of his book, and he was enclosing semi-pornographic (as he called them) polaroids with the winners' books.
He's sending me another book, no polaroids this time, hahaha.

Speaking of books and authors, two things:
Scott Hildreth's Unleashed went live on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me with a little more Mike "Ripp" Ripton! Woot! 
I don't what it is about his books, but the man has me hooked, even his non-erotic stuff is an addiction.
Click the link to buy =)

I have to introduce you to another author.
 I have been really into Erotic Thrillers.
They're steamy, but usually have twists, turns, murder, mystery and if I'm lucky no happy ending.
You know I'm dark like that.

A friend back home introduced me to Kimber S. Dawn's work.
I had to check her out, she's another Louisiana girl, yo.
The bitch is hilarious, seriously, go check her out on facebook.
With the stuff she comes out with, I was like, "If she's like this on here, I'm definitely going to have to see how she writes."

This is the book that I clicked.

When I first began reading That Which Destroys Me, I thought it was going to be yet another typical DOM related romance. What a shocker for me!

First of all, Stell for all of her horrific background is not a weak little whiney victim. She's ballsy and funny as hell.
Even Wes with all of his arrogant, prick ways pushed his way into my heart.
They are witty, well developed characters, even the ancillary characters remain with you.
The sex, well yeah, those scenes are hot and steamy! ~Rowr~

Then, everything turned because I went "Holy Fuck Bubbles."
It turned all like "Seven" with hot sex, but psycho, and gorey, yeah.

Let me say that I have always been a horror, gore, twisted psychological thriller type gal, and am a little disheartened with happy endings all of the time. That Which Destroys Me, shocked me, yet made that dark part of me dance with glee because Kimber S. Dawn delivered anything but a happy ending.

I wish that I could give this more than 5 stars simply because this was anything but a typical Romance/Erotica book. I loved the intertwining of sick, twisted story line and would absolutely freaking love to read more stories like this.

If you are looking for butterflies, rainbows, flowers, this is not the book for you. So, don't get your panties in a bunch when you read this and everyone isn't skipping off in the sunset in the end.

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