Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A LIttle HodgePodge

Having a workout tonight with my awesome coach and another teammate.
It's been a while since I did one of these.
It's always scary, but afterwards, I always love how freaking sore I am.
And, I'm going to get a body fat check.
I don't think that I really want to know, though I really want to know!
I know that I slacked some last week while indulging in some goodies.
So, I'll take it on the chin like a champ when the numbers come in.
I will tell you that I'm still only 2 pounds over my competition weight.

Yeah, George is hiding, boooo.
I'll rectify that though.

I am in LOVE with this new flavor protein by Dymatize.
I pretty much only use Dymatize Iso-100.
It just agrees with me the best, and the flavors are FABU!
Birthday Cake!!
And it smells and tastes just like flippin' Birthday Cake!!
Soooooooo, yum!

Look!  I bought myself new treats!
Love me my tanks.

My love of cheesy unicorn stuff has been years long.
A friend sent me the link for that tank.
The second is from one of the books by one of my fav authors, ya'll know that I crush on his stuff hard.
If you ever read those books, there's a definite correlation between the Unicorn and Unstoppable.

Psst, by the way, Scott is having a limited time sale in honor of awesome-sauce Amy over at Snarky Bloggers Birthday! All three in the series are going for 99 cents each?!

Speaking of hot guys (I mean look at those covers!)
I'm going to throw in a little Man Candy.
Have you ever seen the episode of American Dad, Rubberneckers?

Hubs says that I'm a Rubbernecker.
I guess that I can't deny that I'll swipe a glance at hotness!

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