Friday, 4 April 2014

silly thoughts as i begin depletion of different items

So, here we are right before peak week.
Posing tonight & the other physique competitor and I have to perform our individual routines for e everyone also.
I'm nervous that coach may think a few of my moves are a little too slutty.
It's just how I do , lol.
I really feel the music & I guess all of those years of burlesque are hard to shake too.
Oh well, she'll see  me right and reign me in I'm sure.
Body fat tonight too.
I am curious as it's been a few weeks since we've gone through the process.
People keep telling me how tiny I look when in actuality in the past 10 weeks I've only lost 5 pounds.
I knew going in that I would be competing 7 pounds +/- from where I was at 2 years ago. It's been crazy trying to put on that muscle over that time.
It goes so slowly.
Also, have decided that I am having someone take pictures of  my ass next weekend just to commemorate how awesome it will be for those few days. 
I have priorities!!
Those babies are going to go in a photo album too!

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